Completely Open Vessel

What people say about their situation and the reality of that situation are two different things
---completely different things.

I still carry illusions of my future that never comes. These illusions are not based in reality, they are imaginations or dreams, mind-made objects.

We can't know one iota about a future because we never experience it. This can be understood with our minds. I no longer reconstruct the past. If I talk about the past, I am experiencing it through my memories that are created in the Now. Yes the past is only a memory.

We know, only, the Now and in that same Now moment we know nothing of it.

EVERYTHING arises out of the field of Now... it has to!
For some, ideas or "things" get stuck in the recycling, repetitive thinking mind; for others, there is a peaceful scenery in which we exist. Only a shift in perception is the difference.

I have never claimed to know more than or anything, at all, in comparison to another person.
We can agree that each human being has a different perception. When we share our perceptions with one another, we sometimes describe through words a feeling about the essential nature, the True Nature of Nature, that is the same in each human being. Herein lies the true equality of human beings, something we never asked for, something we are born with and something that remains when we die. Our personas, I as Doreen, dies. I think it is a known fact that our forms shall die. Can we debate that? Once we know that without the formless dimension we could not exist, then I can, unequivocably, state that there is a formless dimension. All labels, words, definitions are forms. Yes, we shall NEVER KNOW the formless, how could we? it has no form. We use forms to refer to it. But, we can know that it is here. Not something that I can convince anyone of, with words.

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