The past few days i feel like i have nothing left to "say". Like i'm done saying all i'll ever say. i'm not sure that it is ("will be") always this way
I find it impossible to talk about "the future" because i know it does not exist. only in our minds. even, the planning aspect of "future" seems unnecessary

i have "found" through my experience that the more i try and try to accomplish something, the less gets "accomplished"... be it 'earning' money or making an art piece or having dinner "on time".

For example, at my Etsy shop: There is not a distinguishable pattern as to 'how' and 'when' someone finds you and what you have that they will purchase... there is definitely a seemingly random-like flow to this endeavor. When i let it "play by itself" it seems to make connections and have fun.

In my current state i am never bored; i no longer experience boredom. I no longer long for a future state in which i will have worked everything out and then "I can begin my life"

I resent NOTHING in my life, of my life situation.
Grace opens you to just THIS, All there Ever IS

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