("my") mission is: Being the Awareness of Love...Universal Love
...through wire + fibers + found objects(etc) that Are knit into sculptural Open Vessels

transmutation light vessels

I have to say that I rarely give much "thought" to the pieces that manifest themselves before my Eye(s) and in my hands

What happens is this: Intuitively an "idea" or "thought" arises after the piece has been created and (sometimes) I live with the form for awhile... literally the idea Comes to me, through me

I reCall having different "thoughts", in mind, before a piece takes shape...
but I never intentionally create according to "thoughts"; You can say that the form that is manifested from the Intuition Is intentional, and completely spontaneous!

So, this is what happens:
I knit in an automatic fashion (as most knitters, except those who follow a pattern) making changes to the stitches as I go, "randomly" so to speak

And when I shape the final form the essence inherent in it comes out, "appears" Naturally.

"my art" springs forth, bubbles up, arises from the Heart-mind
Where I Am at the Center in my creativity
The non brow spiritual Essence of this bridge between hand and Heart is the most "Mundane" and Miraculous in combination, in concert, in unity, in One
Unnamed, Unknown

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