Stop the violence

If EveryOne allowed the "other" to make "mis-takes", Our perception would no longer perceive "mistakes"

If You realize that the collective mental illness comes from this misperception...
I wonder... if Our collective perception changed... would violence that arises from mental illness also disappear? It seems it "would have to", eventually, but of course It Happens in the field of Now. Many say this "will never happen". Yes, it "will never" happen precisely because the change in perception "occurs" in the Now.

We All share in the collective mental illness

A simple example is: does it make sense to judge another because of "poor" grammar? When you realize that the construction of grammatical rules was/is entirely arbitrary You have to begin, somewhere to give up Your judgements.

One of the realizations to have is: inherent in All judgment is violence.
We have to "start" some where. See what Is when You drop just one judgment

It is not "correct" to leave out period marks but "judgment" is spelled a couple different ways depending on where you reside. We can no longer afford to lose sleep over such matters.

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