I think it is extremely important that people realize that no one is better or lesser than an other.
The simplest way to come to this is to see how in your own life you have never done anything that effectively changes your life situation. Yes, things will change, but they change naturally. It is like struggling to float on water... the more you try to float the more you sink... but when you let the water hold you, when you trust the water, you float.

This is similar to what Byron Katie talks about. Life happens; once a situation occurs you can't go back and change it no matter how hard you think about it. You can't argue with what IS.
This is really difficult to understand with the mind, because, in a sense, the mind has its own agenda. It wants to overthrow, overrule your reality. Because it has become overworked and in a sense, mad (as in 'crazy'). And even, this "error" of the mind (collective mind) serves a purpose. It is pushing us In to the Now. In to the field of Now. We are All "going" there in diverse ways, as humans express the diversity of Life. All One massive festival of Life.

Don't ask why, because no one knows.

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