So, what to do with all these objects? I realized whether I "throw" things away or keep them they will not leave the planet any time soon. But, I cannot throw something away that someone else could use.

I'm not concerned about the "organic materials": rocks, shells, dried mushrooms, bark, sticks, leaves, feathers, etc. They can take care of themselves. (I wonder if anyone has returned shells to a beach where they would not naturally be found?)

I once found a pebble on a beach, outside Rome, with a star drawn on it with pencil. Of course, I still have it!
It is wrapped in a piece of paper with the name of the location where I found it. And it sits in the matchbox where I have kept it for, nearly, 28 years. I remember the day that I found it: the carabinieri stopped us on our motorcycles because we were young; and being young meant you were under suspicion of being terrorists (in this time of the Red Brigade). This same day, the reigning pope had been shot.

I have tons of artwork. Books. Fabric. Beads...

I'm planning some kind of systematic give-away.

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